Dr. Sherry from “Braxton Family Values” releases book,The Single-Married Woman

Dr. Sherry, renowned therapist to the stars as seen on “Braxton Family Values”
on WE-tv releases her book,

The Single-Married Woman

Dr. Sherry Blake, better known as “Dr. Sherry,” is a therapist to the stars.  She considers everyone a “star” in their own right.  She inspires people to reach their goals.  Dr. Sherry has worked with everyone from award winning entertainers, celebrities and top athletes in the NFL, NBA, and the MLB, to everyday people.  Dr. Sherry successfully combines a direct style, skilled techniques, and humor to make talking with her non-threatening.  Her new book The Single Married Woman focuses on empowering women as they deal with balancing multiple roles in their relationships.  Every woman, and many men, married or not, who’s been in a committed relationship will identify as they laugh and cry about issues.

Dr. Sherry earned her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee.  She also earned her Masters of Science Degree from Vanderbilt, after graduating from Tennessee State University. Dr. Sherry has served on numerous Boards of Directors in Atlanta and was the President of the Metropolitan Atlanta Mental Health Association. She is in private practice at Touchstone Psychological Services in Atlanta, Georgia.  Touchstone Psychological Services provides services to children, adolescents, and adults in the area of assessments, psychotherapy, and education/prevention.



Define your role in the relationship. Sometimes roles change as the relationship changes or the circumstances change.

Decide what you want in the relationship and what you expect from others. You may not always get what you expect, but at least you know what you want.

Verbalize your feelings clearly and early. Try to talk with your mate before you become upset. Establish a time to talk during which both of you can listen and discuss issues without interruptions. Don’t let things pile up before saying something about what is bothering you.

Learn to take care of yourself especially emotionally. Take time to be alone. Carve out at least 15-30 minutes a day of “me” time. This could be early in the morning with a cup of coffee or your favorite drink or late at night in a hot bubble bath.

Learn to say NO. Sometimes it is hard to say no to those you love, but you must in order to say yes to yourself. Don’t feel guilty for saying no sometimes.


Special Relationship Article from Dr. Sherry’s web site-

What Not To Do After a Break-up

Handling a break-up is not always the easiest thing to do, especially if the relationship was long term. We have all experienced being let down by someone we were in love or “lust” with, but how we handle those disappointments can be the difference between looking slightly “crazy” or not. So if you know someone who has recently gone through a break-up and they aren’t handling it too well, you may want to share these helpful tips to keep their sanity at a healthy level. We have all broken some of these rules, but with age and maturity, you can slowly break the cycle of break up no-no’s.

Don’t Try To Change Their Decision

If your actions were a big reason for the break-up, don’t use this time to try to convince them you have changed overnight.  This doesn’t look genuine, and it can be more of a turn-off than you think. Take a moment to evaluate your part in why the relationship failed, work on changing yourself for the better, and if it is supposed to work out again it will. So instead of trying to convince them they made the wrong decision, focus on doing the things that make you happy, centered and balanced. Only time can bring upon true change, and when it is real, the better you will feel overall.

Don’t Stalk Them

Stopping communication with your ex is probably one of the hardest things to do, especially when you have spent so much time talking to them throughout your day, whether it was through texting, calling, or facebooking. But if someone decides to end a relationship with you, continuing these habits can actually make you look like a stalker. Even if you have to block their number, un-friend them, or take a different route to work to avoid their presence, do it. If you continue to contact them, and they are not ready to talk to you, you start to look like a stalker, when we all know that is not your intent, but that is what it comes across when communication is no longer a two-way street.

Refrain From Contacting Their Family to Plead Your Case

Contacting your ex’s family is one of the more desperate pleas for help, and this usually doesn’t occur unless you have been together for a really long time and have a special bond with the parents/siblings.  But before you decide to reach out to a family member, ask yourself the following questions: What are you doing this for? Are you trying to plead your case about why you shouldn’t have been dumped? Are you trying to see if there is someone new in their lives that they may have known about? Or are you trying to get more information on what went wrong, and hoping they know something you don’t? Whatever the reason is, remember this one thing, under normal circumstances, family will usually show loyalty to family, no matter how wrong or right they are. So don’t forget this little piece of advice if you think of getting into a ex bashing session with their mother or sister. They will most likely listen and sympathize with you as much as possible, but at the end of the day, blood is probably thicker than water.

Don’t Slander Their Character

It is hard to think of anything positive about someone who has decided to end a relationship with you, especially when you weren’t ready. But even so, this is not the time to blab all your secrets that you and your partner shared when things were on the up and up. With Facebook and Twitter being the newest gossip columns, it doesn’t take much to know when someone just got their heart broke. They change their status’ every 10 minutest about their heart being broke, how they will never trust again, how the person wasn’t really who they portrayed themselves to be…yada yada. Well, with all that said, the social world is looking at your life thinking you are not doing so well, but most aren’t concerned enough to help you get through this tough time, usually they are just shaking their heads wondering why you are doing this to yourself. So try to keep it together at least publicly, and vent to your best friend about your deepest darkest feelings.

Don’t Dig Up Reminders

And last, but certainly not least, try not to dig up reminders about your relationship with them. Don’t play your favorite love song on repeat that now makes you cry every time you hear it. Stop looking at all those cute pictures you took on your cellphone. If you must save these memories, consider sending them to one of your  junk email addresses that you rarely visit, delete the pics from your phone, and get ready to make new and improved memories. Put everything you have of theirs in a box and give it back to them, or even better, donate those items to a local donation store. Not only will you put a smile on someone else’s day, but you have a chance to get rid of those haunting reminders in your closet that tends to bring out nothing but tears and anger every time you look at them.

Breaking-up is never an easy thing to go through in life, but the better you handle it, the better you feel afterwards. You will have less regrets, you won’t look psychotic, and if your relationship is actually able to be salvaged, your ex will definitely consider working things out with you if you don’t act out in ways that show “signs of emotional recklessness.” It is definitely a learning experience, and all these tips will take lots of discipline, but it is possible. It is so important that you don’t stop “doing you” once you have experienced a heart-break. Take a moment to recall what you were doing before you met this person. What did you do in your spare time? Make a real effort to go back to the activities that kept you occupied when you didn’t have that person around. So don’t pick up that phone, go out and mingle, because sometimes the best times of your life are when you are single!

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Dr. Sherry & Tamar Braxton from Braxton Family Values

Dr. Sherry & Tony Award-Winning Singer & Actress Jennifer Holliday at the Book Launch Party for The Single-Married Woman in Atlanta.








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