WHITNEY HOUSTON – Aug. 9, 1963-Feb. 11, 2012


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Reprint of Sonya Jenkins’ cover story on WHITNEY HOUSTON for UPSCALE MAGAZINE – December/January 1993 (Partial Article)


A likely superstar from early childhood, singer/actress Whitney Houston is now the epitome of success. With three albums reaching multi-platinum status, her musical talent and powerful persona have charmed the music industry over the past decade. Whitney is the only artist to achieve seven consecutive No. 1 hits and the list of her accomplishments is endless. But from a very personal perspective, the accomplishments is endless. But from a very personal perspective, the accomplishment that truly measures the elusive entertainer’s success has little to do with all of the accolades, applause or her star status.  For Whitney, the true measure of success comes from what she has found with her soulmate and husband – singer Bobby Brown – and that is love.

When conversing with the multi-talented star, one can immediately detect her virtuous spirit. She is a confident woman who does not avoid discussing any topic. She is cordial and genuine, and she magnetizes most people with her beauty and grace. What is the magic ingredient? Is it her charming personality, or is it her articulate and lighthearted voice? One thing is for certain, Whitney Houston’s magical ingredient has its way of reaching out and touching live. At 29, she has blossomed into a self-assured woman who knows no boundaries.

Settled in her Mendham, N.J. estate, Whitney is unwinding from a road trip. She doesn’t get too comfortable because in just a few days, she has projects to finish that will take her out of the country. “Sometimes it gets to be a bit strenuous,” Whitney admits as she talks about the hectic life of an entertainer. “But it’s part of my job, so that’s what I do.”

This past July, Whitney was married to Brown in a gala ceremony. She feels that love and having a committed companion have surpassed all of her worldly accomplishments. “There is no rhyme or reason for love; it’s just there and when it happens, it happens, and it happened for me!” she says enthusiastically.

Still a newlywed and already expecting a baby in the spring, Whitney reveals that married life is very refreshing. “I am enjoying being married to a man who is secure with himself and who is truly devoted to his woman. I know that Bobby loves me, and I know that I love Bobby. When you have companionship that brings a certain amount of contentment into your life, you can share your thoughts with someone special,” explains Whitney. Whitney feels that communication is a must in a good marriage. “Bobby and I truly understand each other, and I think that’s the blessing of marriage – to have a partner to share and communicate with. I’ve always been a firm believer that love isn’t love until you give it away.”

Although Whitney and Bobby were considered an odd couple, the pair became good friends, and slowly their reationship progressed and became more romantic after meeting at “The Soul Train Music Awards” three years ago. “I didn’t think that Bobby liked me, and he didn’t think I liked him. It wasn’t until we got to know each other better that we learned we were very much alike,” she confides.

When asked about the things the two of them agree on the most, she sighs and says, ” We feel the same wayy about certain things. We love children, and we come from backgrounds that are surrounded by family. We love God, and we put Him first in our lives.” She conceded, “We have all the things that I think will hold a relationship together. It’s not the money, and it’s not the fame. We both had that on our own. It’s some more than that – it’s an affection – it’s a friendship – it’s love. There’s a bond that Bobby and I have, yet there are a lof of things that are different about us and that makes it good. I never wanted to be with someone exactly like myself. It took a while to find that someone, but I did and it just happened to be Bobby.”

To demonstrate their compatibility, the couple recorded the uptempo tune “Something In Common,” on Bobby’s latest self-titled album. Whitney’s lyrics are about her old-fashioned ways, and Bobby sings about some of the mistakes he’s made. All in all, the Boston-bred, streetwise singer and the God-fearing, sophisticated diva had enough in common to get them to the altar.

Although Whitney’s career is fast-paced and keeps her busy, she plans to curtail her activities for the preparation of her baby’s birth. “At least two months prior to my giving birth, I will definitely not do any work,” she states. “I’m taking it as slowly as I possibly can, but I’m an on-the-go kind of person. I like to keep busy, and staying busy kind of makes my pregnancy go a little bit faster. My mother carried all three of us and worked right up to a few days before she gave birth, so it can be done. Women do some incredible things,” she affirms.

Like others, Whitney’s private life has been scutinized by the public. Prior to her relationship with Bobby, Whitney could not seem to escape the public’s constant concern with her love life. If she was not dating a special man, she had to deal with rumors that questioned her femininity, bringing her much hurt and humiliation. “I used to let the rumors hurt me, because somebody is saying something about me which is not true. It’s a lie,” she states emphatically. “I know myself, and I know what I do and what I don’t do. It kind of dawned on me that peope who say what I am and what I like and what I don’t like, don’t really know me. So, I’ve tried not to really concern mysef with things people say about me. They don’t know who I am,” explains Whitney.



 We are deeply saddened by the tragic and untimely passing of Whitney Houston, whom we were blessed to have just completed work with on the remake of the film “Sparkle.” We ask the world to join us in lifting up Whitney’s family in prayer and ask God for their strength and comfort during this devastatingly difficult time. At the apex of her career, Whitney had nopeer, with a voice that shaped a generation. She has left behind a musical and film legacy that will endure…. she will be sorely missed by us all.

Bishop T.D Jakes


Remembering WHITNEY HOUSTON – One of my first cover stories as an entertainment journalist for a national magazine was of Whitney Houston in the early 90s – UPSCALE MAGAZINE. I absolutely loved her music, so when I was assigned the story and told that Whitney Houston would be calling me, I was super excited & nervous. I had met her a few years after she first came on the music scene and my brother had met her prior to me. Even back then, we felt like we had met a true Icon.  I am deeply saddened over her passing. Whitney was a Beautiful Talent who is Gone Too Soon. Rest In Peace, Whitney Houston – 1963-2011

Sonya Jenkins

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