Celebrity Success Tips!!


“Stay focused, have faith, and get a great education. Get the best education you can and apply yourself to your goal.”

Mayor Shirley Franklin - Atlanta’s First Female Mayor

“Keep focus and keep God first. You also want to be creative and keep doing things right. Just keep it going.”

Chris Tucker - Actor 

“Stay relaxed and stay confident . . . and you can do whatever you want to do - in anything.”

Serena Williams – Tennis Player 

“The key to success is hard work. Set levels of excellence and don’t compare yourself to anybody else.”

Robert Townsend – Director/Actor 

“You have to have some kind of talent, but you also have to work hard and be dedicated. You have to have a passion for what you do. Give whatever you do 110 percent every time and if you do that, you’ll be blessed.”

Warrick Dunn – NFL Running Back – Tampa Bay Buccaneers

“Don’t try to build a big, huge wall. Just lay one brick
perfectly each day and eventually, when you look back,
at some point you’ll see a wall.”

Will Smith, Actor

“Make the very best of your situation; look at the positive and be strong.”
Angela Bassett, Actress


“Just believe in yourself, and no matter how hard it gets, keep pushing and remain true to yourself.”
Martin Lawrence, Comedian/Actor

“Do what’s in your heart, and listen to the right people.
What we create doesn’t come from some sort of osmosis.
It comes from watching and understanding the human dynamic.
Understand the human dynamic within yourself and within others.
And another thing is to have empathy. Empathy is the one element
that we need in the world more than anything – empathy and understanding,
compassion and imagination.”
Danny Glover, Actor

“Unity is one of the prerequisites to success. Keep things real.
Get on your knees and pray, be grounded, be centered, and
really work towards your goal.”
LL Cool J, Rapper/Actor

“The best thing you can do is prepare, prepare, prepare.
The one thing nobody can teach you is being at the right place
at the right time. Luck and opportunity meet, and you need to be prepared.
A lot of times opportunity knocks and we’re in the shower.”
Samuel L. Jackson, Actor

“We need not limit ourselves to one role. We need not allow anyone
to build walls for us and we certainly must not construct them for ourselves.”
Rev. Jessie Jackson, Minister/Political Leader

"You cannot let people get you down. You have to continuously
pray and stay positive – even when everybody else is negative."

Beyoncé Knowles, Performer/Actress

"Try to give your very best at whatever you do
and make it quality work – not here today and gone tomorrow."

Gladys Knight, Singer

"Stay in a good frame of mind. Whenever you’re rejected
or totally disrespected, just respect yourself, love yourself,
and know how good you are."

Patti LaBelle, Singer/Actress

"Think about getting better at what you do, and don’t
give in to impatience. If you don’t go for longevity then
you lose the opportunity to grow as a creative and spiritual being."

Quincy Jones, Producer

"Put your all into whatever you choose to do.
Create opportunities
and be willing to try new things."

Halle Berry, Actress

"There are three keys to success. One is preparation,
two is preparation, and three is preparation. Success
occurs when opportunity meets preparation."

The late Johnnie Cochran, Attorney/Author

"It doesn’t necessarily matter where you start in life,
it matters where you finish. Don’t ever let life label you.
Challenge everything that would be against you. You’re
not a product of what you’ve gone through. You can use
what was meant as your stumbling block and turn it into
your stepping stone. When you can really begin to understand
that you have a God that loves you and that believes in you

– and you find your authentic self – who you really are – and
that you’re not a product of what you went through, but you’re
a product of what God says about you, then all things are possible."

Pastor Paula White, Paula White Ministries/
Pastor of Without Walls International Church - Tampa, FL

"First of all you’ve got to work hard. There’s no short cut. Also,
never sacrifice who you are. If you start selling your soul, then
you’ve lost who you are, so don’t compromise who you are."

Judge Glenda Hatchett, The Judge Hatchett Show

"Stay focused on your goals and stay true to whatever you believe in.
Allow obstacles to motivate you and make you stronger."

Kirk Franklin, Gospel Performer/Producer/Composer


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