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Published on April 17, 2012 by Sonya's Spotlight

Delving into the lives of celebrities has always intrigued me. At a very young age I was curious about just what qualities distinguished the successful person from the not-so-successful one. From the celebrity images presented on television and in print, I was inclined to believe that celebrities were extremely lucky and exceptionally talented people who had received special blessings from God. Later I realized that successful people are just ordinary people who have widened their horizons and believed that their dreams were attainable. I also realized that blessings are not just for special groups or individuals. We all have a gift or talent, but in order for those talents to emerge, we must recognize and celebrate them.

Luck and success are two different entities. Luck is something that happens by chance, like hitting the lottery. Success, on the other hand, is the persistent and faithful pursuit of a goal, no matter what the obstacles are. True success comes to those who believe in a higher power and depend on that power to guide them in making the right choices. Success comes to those who have specific goals and are willing to persevere until there is a satisfying outcome. If one does not set goals, then there is little to accomplish. And if nothing is accomplished, one can only blame himself for a lack of vision and inspiration.

Taking advantage of opportunities is yet another prerequisite for success. To have doors closed in your face and dreams deluded could be a blessing in disguise. Believe that God never closes one door without opening another, which is a true affirmation of faith. Giving up is defeat, but to continue looking for ways to accomplish goals will lead to victory. A different approach or change may prove beneficial.

By conquering your fears and perceiving yourself as a confident, self-assured individual, others will take notice and be drawn to your strengths. People usually want to associate with those who have uplifting attitudes and who are adaptable to change, as opposed to those who are mundane and predictable.

Another way to become goal-oriented is to emulate those who are already successful. Many times they can provide the inspiration you need to move forward. When interviewing movie mogul Eddie Murphy he told me that he emulated other successful comedians during his early years. “In the Bible it says, ‘as a man thinketh, so is he.’ Whatever you think – you are,” Eddie revealed. “You may need to see someone else there before you can visualize yourself there.”

As you seek to transform yourself, “acting as if” you are what you are going to be is important. Before I ever got an article published, I attempted to get interviews by saying, “I AM a writer,” not “I WANT to be a writer.” In my own mind I was already what I had visualized. I was just looking for the opportunity to make it come true. Soon I was actually interviewing successful people and seeing my work in print. You need only convince the sub-conscious mind that you already are what you want to be. It pays to have positive thoughts about yourself.

To acquire a successful life you can’t be static. It requires knowing what you want and working towards that goal on a consistent basis. In short, having a strong belief in God, a clear vision of a goal and “acting as if” are the main ingredients for success. And don’t forget hard work. There is no substitute for it.

Remember, the power to be lies within you!

Sonya Jenkins

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