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Sonya Jenkins "Visualizing" in St. Thomas, Virgin Islands

Imagine having all that your heart desires. Create a visual image and daydream for a while – seeing yourself as you’d truly like to be. You can visualize a job opportunity to enhance your professional growth. If so, see yourself in that position performing the duties the new job requires. Or your visual image could be of a more toned and thinner you. Again, visualize yourself on the beach wearing the swimsuit that’s sure to turn heads. Maybe you want to become a renowned singer or award-winning actress. See yourself receiving a Grammy, Oscar or some other prestigious award which exemplifies your talent. While these experiences may seem far-fetched or make you feel as if you are living in a dream world, visualization has proven to be one of the most important techniques in accomplishing goals.

During my early years I practiced this technique many times. I would imagine myself meeting and interviewing celebrities, going to red carpet affairs and traveling around the world. By the time I was 21, I had not yet flown on an airplane and my experiences in journalism were few, but I still pictured myself meeting well-known people and traveling to various cities. Little did I know what profound effect my imaging (and writing my vision down) would have on my future. Today, my travels have taken me to places like the Bahamas, Hawaii, Bermuda, Mexico, Jamaica, St. Thomas, Germany, England, Ireland and all around the U.S. I also get to meet and interview celebrities often. The manifestations of my visions did not require a lot of struggle or intense effort. They came easily and sometimes unexpectedly, as if they were mine for the asking. Hence, what I envisioned in my mind literally took form in my life. Being a writer, it was always easy for me to jot down my visions and goals on paper, since childhood. In fact, in the Bible it says for us to write down our visions and that at the right time, they will manifest. (Habakkuk 2:2-3)

When interviewing movie mogul Eddie Murphy years ago, he shared how, during his early years, he visualized himself as a comedian and emulated other successful comedians. “The Bible states, ‘As a man thinketh, so is he.’ Whatever you think – you are,” Murphy emphasized. “You might need to see someone else there before you can visualize yourself in that position.”

I also interviewed the late Reggie White, former Green Bay Packer and Pro-Bowler known as “The Minister of Defense.” White revealed he visualized himself as an exceptional athlete throughout his childhood. “Goals and dreams start from visualizing yourself in a position,” he said. “I set my goal as a sixth-grader to become a professional football player.”

In order to be truly successful with visual imaging it’s important to think positively. Thoughts of scarcity and shortcoming must be banned. There is no room for doubt when you fill your mind with positive visualizations and expectations. To visualize, to dream and to expect the best is imperative for successful living. I have never met a successful person who dwelt on the negatives. Most creative people make the best of the present and mentally and prayerfully gaze into the future with the expectancy of good to come.

Start today, imagining all the wonderful things that life has to offer you. It has worked for others and it can work for you. After all, WHAT YOU SEE IS WHAT YOUR GET!

  Sonya Jenkins

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