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Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson Below is my interview with actor and wrestler Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, which took place in Atlanta a few years ago when he was promoting a film. Dwayne’s
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Tyler Perry Success Tip
“Pray, pray, pray. Talk to God all the time. The biggest thing is to just rise above the foolishness. Keep your focus. Keep your head above all the foolishness . . . and don’t believe the
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Roland S. Martin Shares Success Tips, Interviews for his show “News One Now” at Essence Festival
ROLAND S. MARTIN SUCCESS TIPS: “I think one of the things that’s critically important, is focus. It’s interesting to me when I talk to folks who are in high school and in
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Earvin Magic Johnson Shares his Success Tips
Actress Gabrielle Union Shares her Success Tips
Photo: Gabrielle Union - @itsgabrielleu
“Education is the key to success. I started my career after I finished my degree at UCLA and I was still playing [characters] 15. So there’s no rush. Don’t skip over education.
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Kirk Franklin
  “Stay focused on your goals and stay true to whatever you believe in. Allow obstacles to motivate you and make you stronger.” “Note to every dreamer: embrace the things that did
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Vanessa Williams on Success
“Success usually amplifies who you are already. If you are a difficult child or have an attitude all the time, then when you become renowned you are more prone to have an attitude. If
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“I’ve trained myself to be so focused on what’s going well that I won’t allow myself to even entertain difficulties because I feel so blessed in life and in my career. This is a spiritual
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Cedric 'The Entertainer' as Reverend Boyce "The Voice"' Ballentine in TV Land's new original sitcom, "The Soul Man"
  “It is just about tenacity. I’ve been really blessed to have been doing this a long time. A kid coming from St. Louis – starting at stand up [comedy] and just having the
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Serena Williams Shares Her Success Tip
Serena Williams
“Stay relaxed and stay confident . . . and you can do whatever you want to do – in anything.” Serena Williams – Tennis Champion   Photo -
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