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Published on September 10, 2016 by Sonya's Spotlight

Sonya Jenkins’ 5 Tips to Having Lustrous, Healthy, Thick Hair

1. Keep it Clean.

Whether you shampoo your hair every day, every week or more often or less, having a fresh, clean head of hair is essential when it comes to maintaining healthy hair. The shine, the luster, the bounce, the body, the fresh smell – all come from a clean head of shampooed hair. Remember: No one wants to smell dirty hair. Keep it fresh & clean.

2. Find the right conditioner or deep conditioner for you.

There are several deep conditioning products that help damaged hair and prevent breakage. Try some. Moisturizing conditioners have worked best for me, because they add shine. Periodically try a deep, penetrating conditioner – especially if you have processed or color-treated hair. Sit under a dryer and allow the deep conditioner to penetrate your hair. Don’t overdo it. Follow instructions.

3. Get a trim every 6-8 weeks.

I used to be afraid to get my hair trimmed, for fear the stylist would cut off too much of my hair – especially when hair growth was my goal. After a few bad experiences in the hair salon with “Scissor Happy” stylists, I refused to get my hair trimmed for about six months. After my split ends got out of control, I  gradually got over my fear of getting my hair trimmed and learned that the more I got rid of those split ends the faster my hair would grow. If your stylist gets “Scissor Happy,” it’s up to you to speak up. Just say “No.” You should trust the person who cuts or trims your hair.

4. Avoid as much Heat as possible.

Although I use flat irons and blowdryers from time to time, I try to avoid putting too much heat to my hair. If your hair sizzles or there is a line of smoke when you put the flat iron to your hair, that is TOO MUCH HEAT. Turn the temperature down to the lowest level on those flat irons. Your hair will adjust to the lower heat in time.

5. Take Hair Vitamins.

If you don’t get the adequate vitamins in your diet (and many of us don’t), I recommend taking hair vitamins. I started taking hair vitamins several years ago when my hair was going through a bad stage of breakage and thinning. In less than a year, my hair became healthier and longer. I credit the change in my hair to taking hair vitamins.

Stay Tuned for More Hair Tips, including expert advice. In the meantime, check out a few of my hairstyles below.


A smooth roller-set after a shampoo and deep conditioner.

Easy UpDo style I found via social media for elegant and casual outings.

Easy UpDo style I found via social media for elegant and casual outings.


Curls, Curls, Curls – Roller-set using Lotta Body Setting Lotion.

Tried some spiral rod rollers on a wet-set and got this look. Fun and playful.

Tried spiral rod rollers on a wet-set and got this look. Fun and playful.


Relaxed curls four days after a roller set.

Remember, smiles are contagious and add to your beauty.

Smooth look, shampoo, deep conditioner, roller-set without setting lotion. No blow-dryer or flat iron needed. To keep this look, wrap hair at night.


Not too curly, not too straight. Roller-set with style & shine  foaming mousse. Perfect summer style.

Straight, blow-dried hair (minimal hear) after a roller-set.

Straight, blow-dried hair (minimal heat) after a roller-set.

Nothing wrong with a glamour shot with a Snapchat Filter.

Nothing wrong with a glamour shot with a Snapchat Filter.

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Check Back in October for More Hair Tips & Styles. I’ll also share the products that I use.

Note: Sonya Jenkins’ hair is weave-free and has been perm -free for the past three years, with periodic texturized treatments, which has helped in her transition to natural hair. Sonya’s Hair Tips do not guarantee hair growth or thickness, but are meant to enhance hair knowledge.
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