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By Sonya Jenkins



[Tiffany – LEAD ROLE]

30-40 years old, Black female – Beautiful, Smart, Successful, Strong-Willed, Feisty, Shapely, High School Teacher. Attended private schools, but has an urban vibe. Tiffany is the only child of the Mayor of Atlanta and his sassy First Lady. See photo of Fiery Charm Teaser Book for resemblance match. 

[Nigel Harrington – LEAD ROLE]

30-45 years old, Black male – Handsome, Intelligent, Attorney and Genealogist, Giver, Protector. Nigel is a workaholic who has suppressed his intimate desires because of heartbreak. He becomes open to love again when he meets Tiffany. 

[Kyle Harrington – LEAD ROLE]

35-45 years old, Black male -Handsome, Former NBA Player, Sportscaster, Tall (over 6 feet), Lanky, Cocky. 


30-40 years old, Any ethnicity female – Popular Film and Television Actress, Feisty, Energetic, Social Media Influencer. Sister of Terri Kae (twin preferably).


30-40 years old, Any ethnicity female – Wardrobe Stylist, Gentle, Soft-spoken, Supportive. Sister of Torri Jae (twin preferably).


30-40 years old. Black female – Dentist, Quirky, Encourager, Peace-maker. Tiffnay’s best friend since college.


30-40-years old. Any ethnicity – Flight Attendant, Gold-Digger, Socialite, Adventurer.


[Mayor of Atlanta – Carl Bond]

Black Male, 55-65

Domineering political figure, stern, debonair. Loving husband to his wife. Manipulates situations to his advantage. 

[First Lady of Atlanta – Cicely “Ma” Bond]

Black Female, 55-65

Beautiful, Feisty, sassy Mayor’s wife. Classy in pubic, crass in private.


Black Male 30-45

Tiffany’s cheating ex boyfriend. Campaign Manager for her Dad’s last campaign. Opportunist, Egotistical, slick, fast-talker.


Female, Any ethnicity 21-35

Tiffany’s roommate, nurse, soft-spoken, gullible. 


Male, Any ethnicity 30-40

Torri Jae’s Fashion Consultant and Publicist.



Any Ethnicity, 20-35

Blogger, Red carpet host.


Female Italian or Puerto Rican 20-35

Curvy, head-strong, girlfriend of former NBA star, Kyle.

[Police Officer]

Any Ethnicity, 30-50

Muscular Officer makes arrest after a fight. Reads Miranda rights. 

[Prison Guard 1]

Any Ethnicity, 30-60

Grumpy, tired guard allows woman to make a call, escorts woman to cell. 

[Prison Officer 2 ]

Any Ethnicity, 40-66

Rugged, Stern.

Officer interrupts a group of female prisoners dancing and escorts female inmate to cell.

[Female & Male Extras]

Any Ethnicity, 21-50

Super Bowl Red Carpet & Party Scene

[Female Prison Inmates ]

Any Ethnicity, 18-60

Prison Holding Area, Cafeteria.

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FIERY CHARM is a work of fiction. NFL team names, characters, businesses, celebrity names, places, events and incidents are either used in a fictitious manner or the products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

Adult, Urban Fiction – Sexual Content & Language.

Copyright © 2017 & © 2020 by Sonya Jenkins. Any use, reproduction or divulgence of the contents of this material without prior consent is strictly prohibited.

All rights reserved.

Chapter One

Wildin’ Out    

The stares I got as I walked down the concourse made me feel like I was a celebrity in demand. Confidence oozed through my bones. I blushed as the handsome, white gentleman in a Kansas City Chiefs jersey walking towards me almost stumbled as he looked me over from head to toe. I had on five-inch heels, tight, torn, denim jeans that hugged my body like a glove, and a fitted, red cut out Cold Shoulder top. My Falcons cap, tilted to the side, added just enough allure to my soft brown eyes and fresh eyelash extensions. I was ready to get Super Bowl weekend partying started. 

My cell phone rang. As I looked at it, I flinched when “Don’t Answer” came across the phone screen. As tempted as I was to allow the call to go to voicemail, I decided to answer anyway. What better way to make Brandon jealous than to tell him I’m in Miami for the Super Bowl.

“Hello?” I answered hurriedly. 
“Bae?” Brandon’s voice chimed in. “Why haven’t you been answering your phone?”
            “You have a lot of nerve asking me that,” I snapped.

  I then realized I sounded a bit scorned and decided to change my tone. After all, I was more in charge since I was in Florida for the biggest sporting event of the year, where I’d see tons of men – at least I hoped I would.

“I’m in Miami for the Super Bowl,” I said snidely. “Kiara let me use a buddy pass to come hang out with the girls.”
            “Oh, so when we talked last week you said you weren’t interested in going to the Super Bowl this year. So, you changed your mind that quick?”
            “Yep,” I admitted. “After I saw you and Jazz together I decided to come, okay? Brandon, we are done. I told you that. Why do you keep calling?”
            “Cause I love you,” he said. I expected him to say more, but he said nothing. 
            “Yeah, you told me that, Brandon, the same night you decided to sleep with my roommate. Remember, I caught the two of you in the act?” 
            “I did not penetrate her though, girl. I told you that,” Brandon said with a chuckle and like his statement was supposed to make me feel better. “We were wasted, just like you were that night, and when I woke up, the girl was on top of me. I keep telling you that. But I never entered her. I’m for real.”

            I took a deep breath. “I was not wasted, Brandon. I only had one drink. Look. My ride is here. I’ve got to go.”

“Oh. So, it’s like that?”

“Yes.” I said. “It’s like that.” I pressed end on my cell phone. My heartbeat quickened, but I closed my eyes, trying to forget the sight of seeing my boyfriend in bed with my roommate. I let out a sigh. 
            Right when the phone rang again, two prissy-looking blondes in NFL referee outfits approached me. One handed me what looked like a program and the other handed me a foam football with Super Bowl LIV inscribed on it.

  “Welcome to Miami,” the blonde said in a perky tone.

            “Thank you,” I said looking at the cushioned ball and then back at the rosy-cheeked girl who looked to be no more than 16.

“If you need to relieve some stress, just squeeze that ball,” she said smiling. “Cute cap, by the way. And your eyes are so pretty.”

“Thanks,” I said squeezing the football as hard as I could. “I wish this was my ex right about now. I just want to choke him.”

“I understand totally,” she giggled.

“Well, just enjoy all the festivities going on South Beach, and forget about him,” the other girl said with a wide smile. “Is this your first time here?”
            “No, but it’s my first time hanging out for the Super Bowl” I said.  I was distracted when the phone rang, yet again. As I expected, it was Brandon calling for the third time since I had landed.

“Don’t Answer can kiss my ass,” I said under my breath.

“Excuse me?” the rosy-cheeked girl said.

“Oh, never mind,” I said, squeezing the ball even harder. “Thank you, ladies. You two are so cute.” 

“Thank you,” I heard one of them say. I walked away quickly as my phone rang again. I wasn’t going to fall prey to believing a man who had cheated on me yet again. I had heard that it’s hard to catch a moving target, so I literally wanted to keep it moving. Brandon is going to regret he cheated on me. I’m going to show him! Coming to Miami for the Super Bowl was my first outing since my breakup with him three weeks prior. I had heard so much about Super Bowl Weekend – from the parties, the men, and the big game, which I had managed to get tickets to, through my dad. Since it was only Thursday, I knew that anything and everything could happen for me over the next four days. Maybe I’ll even meet someone new.

Right when I turned the corner to go down the escalator to get my bags and catch a cab to the hotel, a brown-skinned man – tall, polished, handsome and lanky – caught my eye. He was dressed very business-like, in black slacks and a purple shirt.
            “Hi,” he said, with a raised brow.
            “Hello,” I said with a slight smile. I then lowered my gaze. When I glanced at him again, he was still checking me out. I know him. I realized he was a sports announcer who worked for a national sports show and a former basketball player. I tossed my weave over my shoulder, but in doing that, my size-too-big cap shifted, covering my eye. I quickly straightened it before getting on the escalator, but just as I stepped forward the sportscaster and I almost collided. 

“Oops,” I said, feeling clumsy, but sexily clumsy.

“Go ahead,” he motioned, allowing me to walk in front of him. “You are beautiful.” 

I blushed and said “Thank you,” feeling a tingling I hadn’t felt in a while. With him being right behind me I knew he was taking all of me in. I was glad I had shed from my jacket in the jetway. I shifted from side to side. Why am I so nervous?
            After retrieving my bag from the carrousel and spotting him on the opposite side getting his bag, I proceeded outside and waited on my Rideshare, but realized he was standing within feet of me – staring at me. His stud appeal, smooth brown complexion and strong jaw line drew me in, not to mention his dreamy brown eyes. I smiled coyly. Before I knew it, he was standing beside me.

“I hope I’m not being too nosy, but where are you headed?” he asked. “What hotel, I mean?” 

“I’m headed to the host hotel,” I said, not knowing why I felt inclined to tell him that I was going to the Super Bowl host hotel. “The Marriott,” I added. 

“Oh, I see. That’s exactly where I’m headed. Would you like to share a ride with me? My driver should be pulling up in a few seconds.”

I hesitated, but figured he wouldn’t try anything fishy since he was a national sports figure.      

“Well, I don’t see any reason not to. I’m meeting my girls there. They said it’s about a 30-minute ride from the airport.” 

“Naw, it’s gonna be a little longer than that, especially today,” he said. “Well, I guess I should introduce myself. I’m Kyle.”

I extended my hand. “I’m Tiffany,” I said softly, enjoying the warmth of his hand. “I’ve seen you on the Sports Channel. And you played basketball too, right?”

            Kyle smiled boyishly. “Yeah, for half my life,” he said.      

I bumped my head getting inside the Lincoln Town Car, but hoped Kyle didn’t see it. On top of feeling klutzy, I felt a tense energy. Once I heard Kyle tell the driver where we were headed, I relaxed. I didn’t normally get inside cars with men I didn’t know. 

            Kyle stretched his long legs out as far as they would go, noticeably feeling confined in the back seat. His presence embodied total masculinity. He glanced at me, as he positioned his legs in a seemingly more comfortable position – towards me. His phone rang that familiar iPhone ring. Kyle gazed at it, but did not answer. 

“Where are you from?” he asked silencing the ring.

“All over,” I said. “I’m a military brat, but I went to high school in D.C. and I now live in Atlanta.”

“And you’re a model in Atlanta, I’m guessing?”

“Oh, no,” I blushed. “I’m a little beyond that model age range. I’m a high school teacher.”

Kyle’s eyes widened. “Wow. I wasn’t expecting that. You don’t look like a teacher.”

I laughed. “Okay. I don’t know how to take that. How are teachers supposed to look?”

“Not sexy like you,” he said with a flirty smile. “I wish there were teachers like you when I was in school. I’d be a Straight-A student or either I’d try to make all bad grades just so I could ask for your help after school every day. I’d want you to tutor me.”

“Now, I’d get in trouble if I tutored you after school. We might get a bit out of order,” I said with a sexy gaze.

“But nobody has to know, teacher. I promise I won’t tell.” 

We both chuckled. The roleplay with him being my student was having some appeal to me.

“Well, in order to make an A, I need to give you some extra credit assignments.” I figured I may as well go along with what had already gotten started. 

“Give me as many extra credit assignments as you’d like,” Kyle licked his full lips. “I’m up for the challenge. I aim to please. I go that extra mile and then some – just to get in.”

“Just to get in?” I said with a frown. “What do you mean?”

“You’ll find out, teacher,” he said and squeezed my knee gently. His touch sent a shiver up my spine.

I looked up and saw the driver looking at me through his rearview mirror. As my face flushed with embarrassment, I immediately averted my eyes. I looked back up and the driver was still gawking. I turned to Kyle.

“Okay. We’ll talk about it after class,” I said, glaring back to see the driver still into our conversation.

Kyle finally peered at the driver, realizing we had an apparent active listener.

  “Okay. After class, for sure,” he said. 

For a minute I had surprised myself. Although I had no clue what Kyle was all about, I found the teacher/student flirtation quite enticing. For the next few minutes I sat in quietness, thinking about all the things I could do with Kyle. His phone rang again and he looked at it and answered this time, relieving the awkward moment for me. He talked to someone about meeting them in the lobby in the morning. He glanced over at me as he talked – giving me a look of desire. The ride went fairly quick. I pulled out my cell phone and texted Vanessa about 15 minutes before arriving at the hotel, telling her to meet me in the lobby.

“I’m already in the lobby. There are so many fine men here. I feel like I’m in a candy store of handsome men,” she texted back. 
            Once Kyle and I arrived at the hotel and got out of the town car, I was surprised to see Vanessa waiting outside for me. After the driver pulled out my bag, I thanked Kyle for the ride and told him that I’d talk with him later. He had put my number in his phone during the ride to the hotel.

  Vanessa frowned and leaned in close to me when I walked up to her.

            “Isn’t that the sportscaster from the Sports Channel? What in the world? Girl, he is yummy.”
            “Yummy?” I laughed. “Girl, you haven’t changed a bit. But yep, that’s him. I’m thinking like a man this weekend, girl. He can get it,” I said in a hushed tone. I reached over to hug Vanessa.
            She laughed hard and said, “Thinking like a man? Girl, you ain’t gonna do nothing with that man and nobody else this weekend.” 
            “You wanna bet? Is he still looking at me?” I muttered, swinging my hair over my shoulder.

            “Yeah, I’m still looking,” Kyle said seeming to sneak up behind me. “So, I’ll see you at the Player’s Association party tonight, right? And don’t forget. I want to make some extra credit.”
            “For sure,” I said, feeling embarrassed that he had overheard me, but not ashamed. “A night cap and some extra credit for you.”

Kyle’s eyes widened. “Okay.”


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