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Shayla’s Catch Paperback Novel – THANKSGIVING SPECIAL

Shayla’s Catch Paperback Novel – THANKSGIVING SPECIAL

SHAYLA’S CATCH takes readers on the journey of Shayla, a young lady who falls hard for the heart-thumping enchantment of Calvin “CK” Moore, one of the most popular and highest-paid receivers in the NFL. CK is just as flattered with Shayla’s innocent smile, her enticing natural beauty, and definitely with her curvaceous figure. But little did Shayla know that her good-natured flattery would be a light snack in the continuous meals of CK’s stable of gold-digging girlfriends. SHAYLA’S CATCH is a valid and timely depiction of the competitive nature of American sports mixed with romance, money, sex and broken hearts. Every woman, whether single, dating, or married will be able to relate to SHAYLA’S CATCH. And every man will see himself in the male characters, whether he is a faithful “Catch” or a skirt-chasing womanizer.

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Shayla’s Catch Paperback Novel – THANKSGIVING SPECIAL

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