dotsStan the Lovesick Snowman plays at the Center for Puppetry Arts Jan. 2 – Feb. 2

Published on December 25, 2013 by Sonya's Spotlight

Stan the Lovesick Snowman

 Opposites attract in this charming tale of unrequited love.  Stan the Lovesick Snowman plays at the Center for Puppetry Arts in Atlanta Jan. 2 – Feb. 2, 2014.  Stan’s adorable story begins after a chance encounter with a dog that has been sent outside in the wintry cold.  The dog tells the snowman about a warm stove inside the house, and with a “crack-crackle” in his heart, Stan falls in love with the wood-burning beauty.   The unlikely romance, doomed from the start, is only the beginning in this hilarious and heartwarming tale as Stan later discovers that a young snowwoman is swooning over him as well.


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