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Published on July 5, 2012 by Sonya's Spotlight
Chad Ochocinco

Top 5 Best Dressed Male Athletes

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Dwayne Wade

Wade has certainly grown over the years. Not just as a player, but in fashion as well. Bright colors, blazers, bow-ties, clip-on sunglasses… Wade is doing it all, and it works for him! In the recent basketball season, we were all able to witness Wade’s unique taste in fashion. Although, sometimes “out there”, we award him one of the best dressed.

David Beckham

Mr. Beckham never upsets with his sleek style. Victoria Beckham may have something to do with how “put together” David looks when he goes out, and if she does, she sure knows what she’s doing. Beckham has definitely proven himself to be one of the best dressed athletes.

Floyd Mayweather

Floyd “Money” Mayweather! Being that he’s usually in a pair of boxing shorts, you didn’t expect to see him here right? Well, when Mr. Mayweather is not in the ring taking down his opponents, he’s pretty “swagged out”. Mayweather makes sure that he steps out looking his best. After all, he is the “Money Team”, so he must make sure he goes out “looking like a bag of money”.

Lebron James

Lebron James has come a long way! Could Wade be rubbing off on him? Well, whatever it is, this MVP has definitely kept is style on point! The vests, the plaid, the “nerd” glasses…it works for him. James has grown as a person, a player, and in fashion. Lebron, this year you have earned your ring and your spot on the best dressed list!

Chad Ochocinco

And of course, Mr. Ochocinco! Chad has style and knows it, and he makes sure everyone else knows it too. Whether it’s laid back, or a night out…Chad makes sure he’s looking sharp and keeps his swag on a million. Of course, he might not have a choice since a lot of the time he’s photographed with one of the most fashionable women on tv right now, fiancée, Evelyn Lozada. Whatever the reason, his spot on the “Best Dressed Male Athletes” is well deserved.

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