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Published on December 28, 2013 by Sonya's Spotlight

ThatGirlBLAZE interviews Keshia Kinght Pulliam. LISTEN IN by clicking below!

Blaze: Let me bounce it off with this. I think everybody is always going to associate you with ‘The Cosby Show.’ It’s such an iconic show.  What do you want this generation to get from the Cosby show?

Keisha Knight Pulliam: It’s such a privilege and a pleasure to be part of such an iconic part of history. I feel like with the Cosby show what everyone gets no matter what race, gender, economic background is that we’re so much more alike than we are different. ‘The Cosby Show’ crossed so many boundaries, so many barriers. And it’s still so relevant today. There’s a whole new generation of children growing up with it. And it’s funny there are younger fans growing up watching both ‘House of Payne’ & ‘The Cosby Show’ simultaneously. And they’re like ‘How did she get from there to here?’ And it’s funny because their parents have to explain to them, ‘No, that’s the same person.’ It’s a pleasure to be a part of history in so many peoples lives.

Blaze: Okay, so tell me about Hairfinity! It’s a great product. I love the fact that it’s natural. I know that you’re into the whole natural portion of things as am I. So, tell me about it!

Keisha Knight Pulliam: I really, really do love the products. It’s funny because the first thing that people ask is ‘Do you use it?’and I do. I take my Hairfinity every day along with the regular vitamins I take every day and I have seen a difference. And the biggest thing for me – before coming on board and working with Hairfinity – was to make sure it was a product I believed in and that I would use. Because that’s first and foremost the most important to me. I’m never going to sell anything to my friends, my family, my fans that I do not believe in. I really, really like it. It’s basically a vitamin that promotes hair growth & healthy hair. And ultimately it starts from the inside out. It’s that basic. There’s so many different products, gels, and greases, and oils, sheen, conditioners, and shampoos. All of that is great, however, the building block of healthy hair starts from within. And that’s what I like about Hairfinity. It’s a part of having a healthy lifestyle and it works for everyone. No matter what hair texture, type, race, nationality, it really, really does work for everyone. And I would not be on the phone sitting here with you today if I didn’t believe in the product.

Blaze: Why did you choose Hairfinity?

Keisha Knight Pulliam: You know how when something is just meant for you and it’s  meant to be? It comes together rather effortlessly. I’d definitely been approached by various people about doing different hair care lines. But again, for me it was something that I used that I believed in that had synergy with who I am as a person. That was very, very important to me. I’m very protective of my brand. And I’m not just going to put my name and my face behind anything. So when this opportunity came about, prior to signing on they actually sent it to me and I used it. I used it for probably about 2 months. I gave some to my Mom, my assistant, some best girlfriends of mine and I was like ‘let me know what you think.’ Take this give me your feedback. And I got good feedback from everybody. And I did my research. I googled it and I definitely looked at the feedback. What were the comments, what were people saying about this product. And it was just an overwhelmingly positive response. So I felt good about coming on board.


Interview and video by ThatGirlBLAZE – Rapper/Actor/Writer/Host/Youth Ambassador



Hairfinity®the popular hair growth vitamin supplement by Brock Beauty Inc., is launching a new promotional campaign with actress Keshia Knight Pulliam (Tyler Perry’s House of Payne), who the company recently named its first brand ambassador. The roll out of new promotional print, digital and video materials featuring Pulliam is currently underway.
Keshia Knight Pulliam 2013 Hairfinity Commercial
Keshia Knight Pulliam
2013 Hairfinity Commercial
Hairfinity commercial (click video) and new print campaign ads (click here) featuring Keshia Knight Pulliam.
“I’ve been approached by many other beauty and hair care companies…but it was very important for me that I put my face and name behind something that I honestly believe in. I wouldn’t sell anything else to anybody – friends, family or fans – that I didn’t use,” stated Pulliam.
Best known for her childhood role as “Rudy Huxtable” on the iconic sitcomThe Cosby Show, the grown up Keshia Knight Pulliam brought to life reformed con artist “Miranda Lucas-Payne” in the popular comedy-drama House of Payne – a role for which she won multiple NAACP Image Awards. Most recently she was featured in Uplifting Entertainment’s (UPtv) “The Love Letter.” 
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