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Published on January 7, 2018 by Sonya's Spotlight
Jacqui Jenkins – Tourist Mode – Under Manhattan Bridge

My Getaway to the Borough of Fashion Cool Brooklyn, New York


DUMBO – “Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass”

If you’re planning on being in New York City for New York Fashion Week, February 8 – February 16, and  want to venture out of the city, head over to the most populous Borough in New York, Brooklyn, to dine, shop, or just for an excursion of the historical sites. I love Brooklyn because each neighborhood has its unique fashion feel. However, there is one common theme that runs throughout Brooklyn – Fashion COOL. Very distinct from the slightly more conservative look of Manhattan, Brooklyn’s fashion scene is known for its emphasis on streetwear mixed with vintage inspirations. Brooklyn Flea, a seasonal outdoor market is one of the best places to see the makings of the Brooklyn fashion scene. With extreme pride for its Borough, Brooklyn is also known for its promotion of local entrepreneurs. There is a strong movement of emerging designers that reflect the Made in Brooklyn design mantra. The Brooklyn Design + Fashion Accelerator, a Pratt Institute initiative, is a hub of innovation for Brooklyn-based designers. For these reasons, Brooklyn is quickly becoming an NYC fashion destination.


Peace & Riot Boutique – Brooklyn New York

Recently, I did a staycation in Brooklyn. The first stop on my Brooklyn tour was the neighborhood tucked away in the area affectionately known as Dumbo, “Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass.” This cobblestoned street community is reminiscent of its early days as a major seaport that has been transformed by local boutiques, amazing restaurants by the water, and absolutely stunning views of Manhattan.

Since I was visiting the home of cool, I wore straight-legged, red distressed jeans versus basic blue denim. My accent piece was an oversized trench coat with flared sleeves. Of course, I topped off my look with a pair of aviator shades to add an element of Brooklyn Cool. When in Brooklyn, you must do as the Brooklynites do.


Khalilah Beavers of Bed-Stuy’s Shirley + Alice vintage boutique

With an eye to sustainability, much of Dumbo is repurposed space such as this bridge underpass that serves as a food/concert space.

My next stop was Bedford-Stuyvesant, known by New Yorkers as Bed Stuy. Of course, no staycation would be complete without a little shopping. To my delight, I found Peace & Riot (401 – 403 Tompkins), a boutique designed with the twist of a curated department store featuring locally sourced home goods, vintage clothing, and hand-made jewelry. What a delight.


Khalilah Beavers of Bed-Stuy’s Shirley + Alice vintage boutique

Be sure to stop by Khalilah Beavers of Bed-Stuy’s Shirley + Alice vintage boutique. A great selection of vintage accessories to pair with modern pieces to create new looks with items in your wardrobe. Stay tuned for an upcoming feature posts on – Shopping Your Closet.

By Jacqui Jenkins

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