dotsGarden Lights, Holiday Nights And More at Atlanta Botanical Garden

Published on December 19, 2017 by Sonya's Spotlight

I got in the Christmas Spirit early this year, thanks to Atlanta Botanical Garden! As one of the first to tour the Atlanta Botanical Garden’s seventh annual Garden Lights, Holiday Nights, I felt like I was in a Winter Wonderland – basking in the beauty of lights here, lights there, strings of lights everywhere! If you’re needing a Holiday Pick-Me-Up, Garden Lights, Holiday Nights at the Atlanta Botanical Garden will do wonders for your spirit! “See why Nature’s Wonders us all the buzz!”  through  January 7.


Sonya Jenkins surrounded by Poinsettias at Atlanta Botanical Garde

Escape the rat race at the malls this holiday weekend by unwinding at Garden Lights, Holiday Nights, where a massive new woodland display, “Nature’s Wonders,” will immerse you in the holiday spirit. The world’s largest curtain of light, synchronized with music and sound effects, creates the dramatic illusion of ice storms, sunrises, volcanic eruptions and more for a magical, mesmerizing experience like none other! Make it an evening by dining at Longleaf restaurant (reservations recommended).
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Reminiscing: My Summer Excursion at Atlanta Botanical Garden


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 Atlanta Botanical Garden

IMG_7576Reach for the stars with winter’s favorite plant exhibition

Orchid Daze soars to all new heights February 10 – April 1 with towering displays of dazzling orchids that will envelop visitors in tropical warmth, vibrant colors and a fascinating variety of fragrances.
Presented in the Fuqua Conservatory and Orchid Center, the annual exhibition complements the country’s largest permanent collection of species orchids with bold, bright flowers and tropical foliage sure to whisk visitors away with a lush wintertime escape.
In the Conservatory Lobby, vertical canvases of different sizes spill with living Corsage Orchids, Pansy Orchids and Slipper Orchids looming over visitors, while below carpets of orchids will mirror the patterns on the canvases above.
Upon entering the Orchid Center Atrium corridor, guests will stroll under arching canopies covered with yellow Dancing Lady orchids, then a curvilinear passage of 9-foot walls covered with a mosaic of fragrant orchids, pendulous carnivorous plants and other exotic foliage. Moth Orchids will hover on trellises surrounding the Atrium, and planters of regal Cymbidiums will accent the pathway.
Jewel-toned Vandas will be the highlight of the Orchid Display House. Striking geometric forms, designed by Ryan Mathern, will provide a hanging framework for blue, pink, yellow and orange Vandas — among the most spectacular of the large-flowered orchids.

For die-hard orchid fans, the exhibition includes Orchid Market Weekends, featuring a wide variety of orchids and supplies for sale as well as Orchid Care Clinics for expert advice on growing orchids. Visit for a schedule.

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