dotsPlus Night Out 2015 Featured During New York Fashion Week

Published on September 23, 2015 by Sonya's Spotlight

By Darralynn Hutsonpnologo

Plus Night Out 2015 #PNO #PlusNightOut showcased an exclusive fashion exhibition on Thursday September 17. In its’ 5th year, Plus Night Out was held for the 2nd year at the LoftW83rd multi-function cultural center in New York City’s Upper West Side where Latina Magazine’s Director of Content, Shirley Velasquez was Mistress of Ceremony to over 250 VIP attendees invited to view cutting-edge designs for the curvy consumer.

SPRING 2016 Collections include:


This year, through a collaborative partnership with Latina, IPM Models, #PNO showcased Curvy Latin and African American Models in the showcase and provided #realtime coverage through and Twitter, Facebook and IG accounts. Models, Liris Cross and Jessica Likas were #PNO Ambassadors driving the social media one week prior to Plus Night Out’s September 17 premiere.

PNO’s Media partner, Latina Magazine was joined by Elite #PNO Sponsor Rue21+, and Sponsors: Curls, Inc., SeanJohn, The IPM and True Modeling Agencies, Tramps Hosiery, SLAP (Satin Lined Caps) Avianne & Co. Jewelers, Stickwitit Apparel, and Jax Coconut Water to produce the event.

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About Plus Night Producer, Jovanna Reyes

Jovanna Reyes is a photographer, publisher of Curvysta magazine, event producer oand blogger. Her love for the plus industry began while working at Bloomingdales and progressed to owning a plus boutique and Plus fashion photography. Her photos are featured in,, and more. She also produced online shows, Curvy Mode, ReCurved, On The Streets and In the Closet, featured on Skorch TV.   Her newest venture, Curvysta magazine just celebrated its first successful year.

 Plus Night Out Host, Shirley VelAsquez

Shirley Velasquez is the director of content of Latina magazine, and The Latin Kitchen. She is also the author of Global Girls children’s book series. Her work has appeared in Elle, Glamour, American Way, Woman’s Day, Cosmopolitan Magazine For Latinas, InStyle, Ms., Latina, Family Circle and The New York Sun.


Back when Curvy wasn’t in Liris “The Body” Crosse became her own agent utilizing the urban market to achieve modeling dreams in Essence, Honey, XXL, The Source and Black Elegance, Lane Bryant, Karl Kani and Davouchi campaigns. Liris is currently signed to Dorothy Combs Models. Her website is


Working Plus size model, Jessica has been signed to TRUE model management in NYC and the newly created a new print board for curvy models. After several castings, Jessica was hired by QVC to be an on air fashion and beauty model. Following Jessica on

As the #PNO Brand Ambassadors, Liris and Jessica were featured in key visuals and join Latina and PNO in launching the social media engagement in real time via Instagram posts.

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