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“Why Don’t You Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is and Not on Some Good Weed….”  – Roland S. Martin 


Today on NewsOne Now, host and managing editor Roland S. Martin addressed rapper Snoop Dogg’s recent social media post in which he is calling for a boycott of HISTORY Channel’s new miniseries “Roots.” In his post, Snoop Dogg says that he is tired of the brutal American slave narrative being shown on national television.

Martin addressed his comments by saying that Snoop Dogg as well as other African Americans are in full denial of American slavery when in fact they should be proud of their ancestors for being survivors. Martin also suggests that instead of Snoop Dogg doing films that depict the Black community in a negative light, he should be collaborating with successful African American directors to depict more positive images of Black American history.

“Slavery happened and slavery is real. Too many Americans want to deny what took place in this country,” said Martin. “The reality is Black folks are survivors since the first slave touched down in Jamestown in 1619. So when you slam Roots and want to boycott the show, what you’re saying is that we shouldn’t learn these things, when the fact is we should be learning about these things. Why don’t you stop smoking weed and call countless African Americans out there trying to make those films and looking for folks like you to put your money where your mouth is and not on some good weed. We need all stories being told. If more Americans can own up to the history of America, 397 years we have been here, and how brutal slavery was we should be able to see that.”

To watch Roland address Snoop Dogg’s ‘Roots’ boycott social media rant, please click HERE.


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