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Published on March 24, 2021 by Sonya's Spotlight

Author, Journalist, Actress and Filmmaker Sonya Jenkins‘ new film-making venture, “Shayla’s Catch Prequel,” has taken off to new heights via Amazon Prime Video. During the 1-year celebration of her first film project, “Shayla’s Catch,” a 53-minute film streaming on Prime Video (2019), Jenkins got an idea to reboot the “Shayla’s Catch” initiative (with prequels). On November 16, 2020 “Shayla’s Catch Prequel” premiered exclusively on Prime Video – TV episodes – with new episodes of intrigue, romance and drama on the way. 

Amina Buddafly Pankey and Oshea Russell play
Mia Falana and Calvin CK Moore in “Shayla’s Catch Prequel”

Photo by Xavier Rony

“Shayla’s Catch Prequel” introduces viewers to the lifestyle of Calvin CK Moore, a wealthy NFL star wide receiver, played by fitness model and actor Oshea Russell. The football journey and the intimate life of CK Moore is fast and complicated, with extraordinary athleticism, fame, money and multiple women being the primary forces in his life. The story presents many questions about faithfulness and loyalty, intertwined with the competitive nature of American sports. “Shayla’s Catch Prequel” also stars singer and VH1 “Love & Hip Hop New York” alum Amina “Buddafly” Pankey, who plays CK’s longtime girlfriend, Mia grows increasingly fed up with her superstar boyfriend’s philandering ways, but also gloats in giving him a taste of his own medicine. Middle Tennessee State University student, Kyleigh Campbell, plays Shayla Lucas, a naïve, hopeful romantic seeking her ultimate catch. Eventually, Shayla and CK meet, as he is flattered by her innocence and she is intrigued by the heart-thumping enchantment of his good looks, popularity and lifestyle. 

Jenkins believes “Shayla’s Catch” is more relevant today than it was when she first started writing the novel two decades ago, because it delves into self-esteem issues that plague many young women today, especially in a social media influenced society. 

Kyleigh Campbell plays Shayla Lucas in “Shayla’s Catch Prequel.”

“Healthy self-esteem has nothing to do with having thousands and millions of social media followers or having a ball player or millionaire as a boyfriend or a husband,” she said. “Shayla’s Catch delves into what life can be like if one has the millionaire partner, the popularity and the beauty, but still struggles with self-love.” 

Brooke Danielle Way plays Rose Marie-Epiphany, the eccentric NFL owner’s daughter.

In a world where new innovations and reinventing oneself are constants, Jenkins hopes to continue building her brand with content that will help readers and viewers escape through her melo-dramatic storytelling.


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