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Published on March 1, 2016 by Sonya's Spotlight

Article First Published April 3, 2013

Comedian Katt Williams (born Micah Sierra Williams) took time from his busy schedule to chat with Sonya’s Spotlight Web Mag about his role in SCARY MOVIE V, as well as a few personal topics in an exclusive phone interview, April 4. Williams, who is no stranger to controversy, was in a vibrant mood – clearly excited about the release of SCARY MOVIE V, April 12 .  Read on for my chat with the comedian.

Sonya: How are you, Katt?

Katt: I’m fine, thank you. How are you?

Sonya: I’m doing great. I’m looking forward to seeing Scary Movie 5.  I understand they added you to the movie after production. How did the role transpire for you?

Katt: I was excited about the opportunity to do it and it couldn’t have come at a better time for me, so when you’re looking at a comedy generally you’re trying to figure out if you can make your mark comedically and this wasn’t one of those situations. This was a true no-brainer. The comedy was solid, the people that they went out and got to do the comedy were solid. So, it was just a matter of me coming in – delivering.

Sonya: Of course it’s a spoof movie – and they show you stealing items out of someone’s house in the trailer – but in real life you’ve had some very controversial dealings lately – so, Katt, tell me, how similar is the role you play in Scary Movie to your real life?

Katt: I have a nooo idea. That was a new one there. The character is a magician. But you’ve given us a new way that you can look at it. ‘He was actually stealing out of the house.’ The important thing is, ‘whatever makes you laugh.’ As a fan of Don Knotts I’ve learned that sometimes you’re not in control of what they’re laughing at. The important part is that they’re laughing at the end of it, so I think that was achieved in Scary Movie 5.

Sonya: That’s good. I must tell you, there is a young fella at my church – in high school, who told me he aspires to be like you because you’re his favorite entertainer. So, in response to that, what advice would you give to him and young, aspiring comedians?

Katt: (Pauses.) Well, ahhh . . . . there’s no way that you can try to influence somebody to get into football and not answer to the fact that they’re gonna get tackled a lot. You’re not in charge of that part. I would hope that the young gentleman at your church makes sure that he looks at the positive aspect. The first rule of following Katt Williams is ‘We don’t follow any people.’ We can follow paths and learn what not to do and what to do. But following man is hopeless and I hope that he gets that from the church.

Sonya: Well, you do have some young fans out there that look up to you, so I just want to let you know.

Katt: I’m known for telling the truth, no matter what the costs are. Those aren’t always pleasant, but I would rather be known for the things that I’m known for than not. It doesn’t matter how many times I’m falsely accused of things, it just matters what the truth is. So, I’m able to stand by that and I’m honored that young people recognize it for what it is.

Sonya: With all the challenges of life that you face and that are a part of life in general, what keeps you grounded?

Katt: Being 5’5 has always kept me grounded. Always right there in my personal peripheral. Grounded because I was supported and nurtured by my demographics for so long. I really only feel accountable to them and to God and that’s about it, and it keeps my life a little easier- just because it’s not in a lot of people’s hands.

Sonya: Where do you get your material?

Katt: (Laughs) You haven’t seen my life? It throws itself at me.

Sonya: That is true.

Katt: A lot of comedians have to invent their material – and I don’t say that in a bad way – but creatively they have to come up with it. But my life is one where it lays itself to the conversation and it’s just a blessing that I’m able to do that comedically . And even if it’s something like Scary Movie 5, if I can make sure that people go out and spend their money and come out laughing then I feel like that’s an essential piece to me doing my job.

Sonya: How long was your filming in Scary Movie?

Katt: By the time I shot, I think they were like in day 35 of shooting. I was done in a weekend. But when you’re really good you do a lot in that amount of time. The first day was over 14 hours. That’s a lot for a comedian.

Sonya: Who did you enjoy working with most? 

Katt: I had never been in an atmosphere like this one before. So for me, I was so impressed with directors David Zucker and Malcolm Lee and how they were capturing the shoot. That’s what I was focused on – how they were making all these different parts go together. I was able to see that a little more clearly.

Sonya: How do handle it when people say you’re out of control, have a bad temper and that you need some help? Enlighten me a little.

Katt: I’ve never been the type of person that thought that I didn’t need help. I thought that that was really part of my relationship with God. The people that are making these judgments – I don’t know these people. I know that each time a situation happens it can be viewed either way and I haven’t been the person that’s been producing what’s been happening to me, so it’s being distorted as much as it can be. But by the same token, if there is something wrong with me, then my body of work should show that there is something wrong there. If that’s what it shows, then that’s what it shows. I’m in a business where you need to be popular, but I’m not trying to be popular or anything other than what I actually am. I can be faulted for the parts that I need to be faulted for. If someone was to say I have a bad temper, I’m not really sure what a good temper is. I know that if you call me the “N” word in a public forum, something bad could happen. And so, what I’ve been doing is working with myself to make sure that part doesn’t happen again. I wasn’t feeling as if that was the problem. I felt like that’s what I needed to do to stand up for what I stand up for.

Sonya: Well, keep standing, Katt Williams, and much success to you.

Katt: Thank you, Nice Lady. 

Sonya: And I can’t wait to see Scary Movie 5 – just to see you.

Katt: Thank you and I’m gonna be looking for you.

Interview by Sonya Jenkins  –   Photo source – @KattPackAllDay
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