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SPARKLE in Theaters AUGUST 17.



Sparkle Anderson – JORDIN SPARKS
The youngest of the Anderson sisters, Sparkle sings in the church choir and is a loyal daughter to her rigidly religious yet caring mother. But her dreams of becoming a famous singer/songwriter and her love of the new sexy soul music put her at odds with her upbringing, until an opportunity to join her sisters as a performing trio give her a first taste of breaking free to pursue her goals.

(Original SPARKLE played by Irene Cara)

Tammy “Sister” Anderson- CARMEN EJOGO
The oldest daughter of Emma is the most openly rebellious of the Anderson girls: a confidently sexual, natural headliner with the looks and voice to make it, and whose attraction to a powerful man becomes her escape from a confining home life. When her desire leads her into another emotional prison, however, her world nearly comes crashing down.

(Original “Sister” played by Lonette McKee)

Delores “Dee” Anderson – TIKI SUMPTER
Smart, gifted and clear-eyed, Dee is the Anderson sister with a future mother approves of: college and a medical degree. As one-third of the performing Anderson gals, however, she sees up close how her sisters’ dreams create a family rift, leading her to speak up – and act – in life-changing ways.

(Original Deloris played by Dwan Smith)

A single mother and dress shop owner with a hard life behind her and a safe, comfortable, deeply religious life in the present, Emma has provided a church-based, well-looked-after life for her daughters, if one that doesn’t allow much room for individual dreams and desires. Her daughters’ forming a singing group wasn’t in her plans for her children, and it threatens to blow simmering tensions in the household wide open.

(Original Mom, Effie, played by Mary Alice)

Family friend to the Andersons, young, ambitious Stix sees potential in managing the Anderson sisters as a groundbreaking act. He’s sweet on Sparkle, and helps convince her not to hide her songwriting gifts, but the chance for love takes a backseat to his career goals.

(Original Stix played by Philip Michael Thomas)

Cousin of Stix, and in love with the beautiful, sexy Sister, he’s a man of modest means who finds his courtship of Sister overwhelmed by the moneyed, flashy approach of popular comedian Satin Struthers.

(Original Levi played by Dorian Harewood)

Comedian Satin Struthers is a source of complicated pride for Detroit’s African-American community, a showbiz success whose fame comes from jokes at the expense of his people, told to white audiences. When he wins over Sister, an uglier, more desperate side of his personality comes out and comes close to tearing apart the Anderson girls’ dreams.

(Original Satin played by Tony King)

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